The Point

Manarola, Italy

A fence, flowers turned
toward a cloud covered sky.
The sun sets on the distant haze-
covered horizon as the air, sweet
and damp, sinks into my skin.
Vivacious green, shatters
the rocky coastline,
jutting forth from the wave
covered depths.
Blue sky opens overhead and
the scent of musk and earth
glides down the mountainside.

©2016 Lara Hughes


La Luna

I wander in silence
face gathered towards the world

In the brilliant dark cold
a bright warmth heats my soul

And the stillness of quiet
centuries pass me by

As I dance a slow never-ending circle
floating through the universe

My beauty is seen
only by that which is greater than I

I know not fear, nor anguish,
nor hate, and I dwell in faithful peace

Sailing weightless,
in absolute nothingness

Never sleeping nor waking,
I am always halfway between the light and the darkness

And in my observance of a vast greatness
I sense the tranquility that there is in being small

©2016 Lara Hughes